The people of the emirates are the makers of its culture. The makers of the impossible From all over the emirates and across the globe, they are working together to make it possible.


Meet the people

The people of the Emirates are the makers of its culture: The makers of the impossible and of big dreams. Those who have big dreams, avmbitions and who collaborate together in order to innovate.

  • Saud SalehRapper & Producer

    Founder and audio engineer of Levelz UAE – a group of video-focused artists from Ajman, Saud has been putting Ajman at the forefront of the music and art scene. Inspired by classic 90’s rappers like Tupac and Dr. Dre, he’s been making Arabic hip-hop since 2009, and is now distributing his music professionally in hopes of putting Ajman on the map.

  • Orit MohammedCoffee Maker

    Orit chose to show her passion through the infamous staple of her country, Ethiopia, by making coffee inspired by her childhood and bringing it to the Emirates. By opening Boon Coffee, Orit defied the struggles of being a Black female business owner facing international companies and chose to tell a story through her coffee - a story of passion, heritage, and tradition passed down from generation to generation. Her business also assigns a portion of their profits to help children in less fortunate communities attend school and get the education they deserve.

  • Hattem MattarPitmaster

    Hattem Mattar is the world’s first Arab pitmaster and is renowned for his Dubai-based third-culture smokehouse, The Mattar Farm. From smoked brisket and grilled desserts to underground lamb and whole smoked camel, Hattem and his menus have been featured at the UAE embassy in Washington DC as well as on CNN. With a strong belief in third-culture cuisine and the unifying language of fire and smoke, Hattem strongly believes in everyone’s ability to sit around a great meal and communicate.